Monday, July 30, 2018

Altenew Educator - All About Layering II

Hello again!  Today's project is for the Altenew Educator Certification Program - All About Layering II.  There's quite a few of the sets that were used in this class that I don't have, but I did have a few of them. For my class project I wanted to use a set that was not featured in either of the layering classes, Build-A-Flower Rose.  This particular set has six layers for the bloom and four layers for the leaves if you use them all.  I don't always use all the layers but I did today. These are the sets that were focused on for this class. 

I have to tell you that I have a new favorite color combination in shades of blue today.  I used Ocean Waves, Aqualicious, Teal Cave, Galactic Stream, Dusk and Desert Night in that order for the blue blooms.  Half the fun of stamping is creating something in a color that might not exist in real life and I admit, that is something I really struggle with.  But I love how those blooms turned out!  I also stamped several of the leaves and a few other blooms and will put them aside for other cards.  

I'm getting ready to make a big batch of cards for someone who extended quite a kindness to me and I want to be sure to have lots of beautiful images to play with to make a set of cards for her.  It's a really big deal to me, but I can't go into any more detail for a few more weeks. Trust me, there will be pictures coming later.  I also have quite the collection of leaves as well but I haven't decided on a certain one yet for the blue blooms so I am planning to die cut a few more and play with a few more combinations of greens.  I haven't settled on one that I like yet for the blue blooms.

Anyway, my goal for today was to get a card made for this person specifically to send right away.  I used a combination of soft pinks and corals for this particular card.  The base layer is stamped in Frosty Pink, then Pink Pearl, followed by Coral Bliss, Coral Berry and Ruby Red for the last two layers.  The leaves on this card are done with Frayed Leaf, Forest Glades, Just Green and Hunter Green.

I seem to be on somewhat of a horizontal card kick lately, but I honestly just pick based on the layout of my design.  I keep pre-cut card stock for vertical and horizontal cards so I have either ready.   I just try to pick based on the designs rather than picking the card style and then doing the design.  I used a soft pink card stock to cut a background layer called a hemstitched rectangle from Spellbinders.  I like to use the various types of rectangles in my designs.  The card used a ton of foam tape as well.  I'm going to have to get more fun foam very soon because I have been using a lot of foam tape on the backs of card panels lately.

I knew that I wanted to use the Abraham Lincoln quote from Altenew's Sentiments and Quotes Stamp Set.  It is, after all, the perfect thing for this card.  I'm sending this card to an artist so I wanted it to be just right and in the end since I know that she loves sparkle and shine as much as I do, I wanted to add that touch of bling to the card.

I haven't been able to post as much because we don't have Broadband Internet but they are hopefully installing it on Wednesday and I won't be limited to a little each day. I'm not even able to do the affiliate supply links right now because it uses so much data.  So there's not picture supply list at the bottom but I have linked the Altenew products so if you click on the name it will take you to the store.  In addition to that you can always shop through my affiliate link in the right hand side bar.

I hope you enjoyed my project today and that it encourages you to try some of  the absolutely stunning layering stamps that Altenew creates.  I have several other projects to share with you from some of the other classes, but I have to have time and bandwidth to get them finished.  I have Easy Ink Blending Techniques and For the Guys coming up in the next few days.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  I really appreciate it when you do.  Have a great day everyone!


  1. Vicki, these are truly stunning cards!! I love all the layerings you've done. I hope you enjoyed the class. Thank you for submitting the project to the AECP gallery!

  2. Very pretty - such a sweet color combination for all the layers! Enjoy your new internet service!


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